Welcome to the Body Evolution Wellness Centre

Opening Hours

Mon – Sat: 8am – 7pm
Public Holiday: 9am – 4pm

Wellness Services

Soy Candle Massage

60/30 min

A combination of swedish, deep tissue, Aromatherapy and lomi lomi
techniques to give you an experience like no other.

60min – Ksh 4500.00
30min – Ksh 3000.00 (Back, Neck & Shoulder)

Hot Stone Massage

60/30 Min Treatment

Combines the use of hot stones with our signature massage technique to bring about deep relaxation and homeostasis while melting the tension from each muscle and coinciding with energy meridians.

60min – Ksh 5500.00 (Full body)
30min – Ksh 4000.00 (Back, Neck & Shoulder)

Indian Head & Shoulder Massage

Focused on head neck and shoulders…

Focuses on the upper torso and head but the effects are felt throughout the
mind and body. It is performed on the client whilst clothed which makes it
very effective for short term treatments. Its out treatments of choice for our
wellness at work program.

30 min – Ksh 2500.00


Foot & Palm Therapy

Its a foot and palm therapy where the pressure is applied on pressure points to benefit the other organs in the body.The theory behind it is that it addresses the internal organs mapped on the foot and palm. We use powder and/or oil. Wooden sticks can used to assist with pressure delivery.

45min – Ksh 3700.00

Ozone Therapy

30min per session

Our Ozone therapy is administered through the ozone steam sauna chamber. Ozone, also known as activated oxygen contains three atoms of oxygen rather that the two we usually breather. Ozone enters the body trans-dermally (through the skin) and in a short periods of time will revert back to oxygen.

Oxygen is a very important nutrient for the body and our wellbeing. The body requires a continous supply to function sufficiently. Reduction of oxygen suppply will reduce optimal cellular functioning. Lack of sufficient oxygen is the result of most of our health problems that we experience, which can be corrected by flooding the body with ozone.

It stimulates healing and cellular repair as well as detoxifying (heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins). Due to todays’s high levels of stress and toxicity, the body’s natural ablilty to heal itself is often compromised.

Ksh. 3500



Lipolysis is breakdown of body fat using ultrasound. We use cavitation (ultrasound) and radio frequency the latest technology for body reshaping and contouring.

Cavitation(ultrasound) is a safe and effective method of destroying adipose cells in localized fat areas, usually stubborn to reduce with diet and exercise.

It uses ultrasound waves that produce alternating compression and decompression on fat cells causing them to explode. Cavitation will target fat cells and cellulite.

Ksh 5000.00

Detox Wrap

Detox Wrap

The amazing wrap contains a potent detoxifying synergy which will leave you refreshed and invigorated. The complete treatment combines the blend of Cape Geranium, Juniper Grapefruit, Sweet Almond and Patchouli to deliver dead skin removal. Cellular renewal and lymph drainage.

Slimming / Cellulite / Detox Ksh 5000.00
BE Detox wrap (45min) Ksh 5000.00
Full Body Exfoliation Ksh 3000.00
Back ExfoliationWeightloss / Fat reduction Ksh 2000.00From Kshs 40,000


Using Galvanic machine

It’s the use of direct current which causes chemical changes in the body part it’s applied on to. It aids in efficient breakdown and dispersement of difficult cellulite and fat, in the fatty stubborn areas of the body. Galvanic slimming machine is designed for slimming, firming and lymph drainage. The treatments can be broken down into individual treatments.

For slimming, it breaks down fat and cellulite by using fat as energy. For lymph drainage, it detoxifies the body by stabilising the removal of toxins and waste. For firming it exercises the muscles without the conscious effort of the client.

60min – Ksh 5000.00


G8 Vibratory Massager

G8 Vibratory Massager

It’s an electrical body massage treatment which produces friction/vibration on the skin surface, creating a healing effect.


  • Provides a deep massage relaxing tense muscles
  • Increases blood circulation which helps with skin colour, Desquamates the skin improving the texture.
  • It increases venous blood and lymph circulation which helps in removal of waste and toxins thus improves areas of cellulite.
  • It softens soft and hard adipose tissues thus reducing localised fatty deposits.
  • It also stimulates skin functions, increasing sebaceous glands activity which improves dry skin conditions.

75min – Ksh 5,200.00
40min – Ksh 2800.00 (One zone)


Beauty Services


BE Signature facials

Our 90minutes BE Signature facial includes a two touch therapy; an arm and a shoulder massage. We use galvanism to feed the skin at a deeper level. Where extractions are done, high Frequency ensures your skin recovers well. Eye brow shape is included as well as eye treatment.

Ksh 7700.00


Safe and Relaxing way of hair removal.

Using latest wax technology, Body Evolution makes waxing safer and more relaxing; a safe way of hair removal which is effective and hair growth takes longer and smoother than shaving. For face hair removal or eyebrow shaping you have a choice of threading.

Tinting; Brow and Lash also available.

Full leg Ksh 3500.00
Three quarter Ksh 1500.00
Top leg Ksh 1300.00
Half leg Ksh 1700.00
Brazilian Ksh 4000.00
G String Ksh 2400.00
Bikini Ksh 1700.00
Full arm Ksh 2000.00
Half arm Ksh 1300.00
Under arm Ksh 1500.00
Lip/Brow/Chin Ksh 400.00
Full face Ksh 2000.00
Men (chest/back) Ksh 3000.00

Nail Enhancement

Nail enhancement

Gives you an option of acrylic/gel overlay, tip overlay, gel polish application.

Gel polish with manicure Ksh 1700
Gel polish with Pedicure Ksh 2200
Soak off + mini mani Ksh 800.00
Acrylic natural tips Ksh 3700.00
Acrylic french tips Ksh 3500.00
Acrylic colour tips Ksh 4000.00
Acrylic overlay Ksh 2000.00
Fill Ksh 1700.00
Polish change-gel Ksh 1000.00
Sculpting Ksh 4000.00
Nail art
Kshs  200 per Nail

Hands & Feet Therapy

Signature Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Our Signature Spa manicure and pedicure uses our organic spa range of products. A mask is included before the massage is done. The paraffin treatment, softens and hydrates the skin,and helps absorb the cream to give temporary youthful look. The treatment is an addition to the BE Signature Spa manicure and/or pedicure.

BE Signature Spa Manicure Ksh 1000.00
Be Signature Spa Pedicure Ksh 1500.00
French Manicure Ksh 1200.00
French Pedicure Ksh 1700.00
Paraffin treatment Ksh 800.00
Buff and paint Ksh 800.00
Foot File Ksh 600.00
Nail File & Buffer Ksh 750.00
Men’s Manicure Ksh 900.00
Men’s Pedicure Ksh 1400.00


Signature Tinting Services

Brow Ksh 800.00
Brow shape & Tint Ksh 1100.00
Lash tint Ksh 1000.00
Combo (brow & lash tint) Ksh 1700.00
Lip/Brow/Chin @
Ksh 500.00
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